In 1966, there were plenty of eucalyptus plantations (Eucalyptus globulus L.) around the country, cultivated by the companies that belong to the paper industries that explore wood as raw material for their activity.

When those trees were cut, lots of leaves and branches were wasted and left on the floor. These wastes represented not only an enormous waste of raw material, as well as it represented a source of increased combustion in case of a fire.

It was already a fact that eucalyptus leaves and branches hidden a valorous substance inside – cineol, with interests in the areas of pharmaceutical industries, perfumery, cosmetics and foodstuffs.

SOCIDESTILDA was then created with the goal of distilling the wasted leaves and branches and then extract the essential oil contained on them, taking care for the safety of eucalyptus plantations, by the cleaning of the fields after the cutting of those trees – SOCIDESTILDA started the production of eucalyptus essential oil.

There were built several distillation posts among the provinces of Ribatejo and Alentejo, in areas where there were plenty of eucalyptus trees, in order to minimize the costs of the transport of the raw material for distillation.

At the same time, it was implemented the head office of the company in Seixal, district of Setubal, with a factory with the needed equipment for the rectification and purification of the previous produced eucalyptus essential oil.

The demand on eucalyptus essential oil was enormous, leading to a fast increasing in its production which reached to about 400 tons of essential oil per year. SOCIDESTILDA reached an interesting position among the main suppliers of this raw material, around the world.

The production, rectification and purification of eucalyptus essential oil represented during several years, the main activity of the company.

Since 70`s, Socidestilda extended its activity to the production of aromatic synthetics obtained using turpentine oil as raw material, supplied by some Portuguese companies. These products were mainly sold to the paint industries, detergents and perfumes, around the world.

Portugal offers a propitious climate for the spontaneous growing and production of several aromatic and medicinal plants.  In 70`s, SOCIDESTILDA started a new activity dedicated to the collection and preparation of these plants, extending its business among Europe, United States, Latin America and Japan.

Being SOCIDESTILDA already owner of a farm with 210 hect. situated in Vendas Novas, a privileged place far away from any source of pollution, and having an experienced team on conventional agriculture, there were joined enough facts to started a new activity – SOCIDESTILDA started the production of aromatic and medicinal plants according to the standards of organic agriculture.

Nowadays, SOCIDESTILDA offers as well several organic aromatic and medicinal plants, some organic essential oils and floral waters/hydrolates, both obtained by steam distillation.

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